Introduction to Conversations

Conversations allow you to communicate with team members and share valuable information for translations. Formerly known as comments, conversations can now be connected to multiple text segments, projects and users.

Accessing the Conversation Center

There are 3 different ways to access the conversation center in LingoHub:

  • Open the conversation center by clicking the “Conversations” button in the top navigation.
  • Access the conversation center via the editor.
  • Enter the conversation center through the user overview. Just click on a user’s avatar and on the “Send Message” link.

Creating and sending Messages

The conversation center offers lots of functionalities when writing a message, which you can use to customize your text. 

Click “Create Conversation” to share your message or “Cancel” to delete it.

Managing Conversations

If you don’t need a conversation any longer you can simply close it. Just hit the “Close Conversation” button. Using the drop down on the top left of the conversation center you can filter to see open or closed conversations.

Closed conversations can be reopened any time by clicking the “Reopen Conversation” button.

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