Accessing the Organization Dashboard

Once you log into your LingoHub account you will be taken directly to your organization’s dashboard, where all your projects are listed. By clicking on a specific one you will be directed to your project’s dashboard.

Here’s a list of what you’ll see from the dashboard:

  • Organizations – Next to the LingoHub icon you find a drop-down where you can see all your organizations, access the settings and create a new organization.
  • Projects – The projects tab helps you to navigate within an organization. You can access the dashboard of every project in your organization and the organization dashboard too.
  • Orders – In the orders tab you find an overview of all your translation orders and invoices. 
  • Collaborators – Access the collaborators page to manage your team, permissions and invite or delete collaborators of your organization. At the top of the editor all collaborators of your organization are displayed via their avatar. Collaborators who are online are marked with a green dot at the bottom left of their avatar, so you know immediately who’s working on your projects.
  • Translation Tools – On the Translation Tools subpage you can edit your Translation Memory settings and/or create a new one if your subscription plan includes more than one Translation Memory. You can also create and/or edit your Term Base(s) there. 
  • Reports – The reports page offers you an overview of what’s going on in your organization and the latest activities.
  • Todo Overview – The todo overview lists all projects that are not fully translated and need your attention. By clicking on one of the projects listed you can access your project’s dashboard.
  • All Projects – The drop-down called ‘All Projects’ helps you to navigate within an organization. You can find all projects of an organization right there.
  • Specific Project – By clicking on a specific project you are directed to your project’s dashboard. Clicking on a language you can navigate directly to the online editor. 
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