The orders page will allow you to see information about your current and previous orders, view invoices and also see any orders made for projects you’re a collaborator for.

To access the previous orders page click on the orders button on the top navigation bar.

For each order you will see:

  • Ordered  – the date the order was made
  • Last updated – as the order progresses this will be updated. If the order has already been fulfilled this date is the completion date
  • Language –  the languages ordered for translation
  • Word count – number of words requiring translation
  • Price – the cost for the translation
  • Project – the project icon. Hover over this to see the project name
  • Status –  in progress, failed or complete. Once complete, click the .pdf icon  to view the order invoice.

Email updates

If you’ve ordered translations, LingoHub will keep you in the loop via email with any updates to your orders and let you know when they’re ready.

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