What are Conversations?

Conversations are a handy tool that allows you and your team members to freely communicate and share valuable information.

Conversations can be connected to:

  • Text Segments 
  • Projects
  • Users

How to Access the Conversation Center?

  1. Open the Conversation center by clicking the Chat icon in the Navigation Bar OR
  2. Open the Comment section by clicking the Chat icon in the Side Panel

How to Create a Conversation?

After accessing the Conversation center, you will have a chance to use different formatting and editing features to customize your text. 

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Add Link
  • Add Image
  • Quote
  • Add a list
  • Add a numbered list

You can also use @ to mention and notify a specific member of your team, or # to tag a specific project. 

Lastly, click "Create Conversation" to share your message or "Cancel" to delete it.

Filter & Search Conversations

You can also filter Conversations by using the drop-down menu and choosing one of the following filtering options:

  • Choose between Open or Closed conversations 
  • Choose a Collaborator
  • Choose a Project
  • Choose a Text Segment ID

How to Close a Conversation?

If you don't need a Conversation any longer, you can simply close it. 

Select the "Close Conversation" button. 

Closed Conversations can be re-opened at any time by clicking the "Re-open Conversation" option. 


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