One of the key features & guiding value of LingoHub is an organized workflow.

To achieve this perfect workflow, we have created Statuses

The main purpose of Statuses is to streamline and standardize all phases of the translation process. That way, you are aware at any moment at which stage your project is, how and what to delegate to the right people.

To make the localization process even easier, we have created separate statuses for your source and target languages.

Here's how.

Types of Statuses

1. Source language has available 2 different status possibilities: 

  • Draft
  • Approved

2. Target language has 4 different status possibilities available: 

  • Draft
  • Approved
  • Translated
  • Not Translated 

Not Translated

The Status of Not Translated is used by LingoHub to mark empty translations when importing new texts.

If your translator deletes a translation, the next segment is automatically set as Not Translated. During your translation process, you can use the following statuses: draft, translated, and approved.


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