When you first start using LingoHub, our mighty Wizard will automatically guide you to create your very first Term Base.

What is a Term Base?

A Term Base is a centralized compilation of key terms, their translations and descriptions that is shared with your translation team. Term Bases contain Terms, which can be thematically or project based.

Why use Term Bases?

Term Bases are a pretty useful tool for an organization planning to work on a complex projects that require translation consistency or standardized translations

In addition, Term Bases are a favorite among organizations which outsource their translation process. Using Term Bases functions as a bridge between your project's history and fresh translators.
Term Bases allow you to pre-define a preferred translation and implement LingoChecks which keep the translation on track. 

How many Term Bases can you create?

You can create unlimited number of Term Bases and Term Entries in LingoHub, regardless of your subscription - they are included in all plans.


Terms added to your Term Base count to your Organization's Word count Limit,
so be sure to use them accordingly.

Where do I find my Term Bases?

You can Search and Download Term Bases and Term Entries with ease from your Term Base Dashboard

How do I use Term Bases? 

Term Base Entries show up in the Editor as Suggestions, so translators immediately see them while working on Text Segments. 

Just click on the Suggestion from your Term Base or on the highlighted Term in the source text to insert it into translations.

Place the pointer over the highlighted Term in the source text to view the description of the Term. 

How do I activate LingoChecks for Term Base?

You can easily activate LingoChecks for all Entries in your Term Bases. 

Find out how to do it in our LingoCheck article. 

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