Machine Translation (MT) 

Machine Translation refers to computer generated translation. At LingoHub, Machine Translation feature provides a translation suggestion based on computer algorithms

LingoHub relies on the synergy of Google Translator and DeepL in order to achieve a wide coverage of languages available via Machine Translation, and a high level of accuracy for the translations. 

To use the Machine Translation suggestions feature, access it through the Side Panel of LingoHub's Editor or use a keyboard shortcut to navigate with ease. 

Translation Memory (TM)

Your Translation Memory at LingoHub learns form every word you translate. 

You can choose whether you want the Translation Memory to learn from specific projects or across all projects, and you can have more than one Translation Memory. You can select the projects that fill your Translation Memory under the Translation Memories Settings. 

To access Translation Memory Settings, please access the Organization Settings with the main Navigation Bar.  


You have to have at least one (default) Translation Memory.  

Additionally, your Translation Memory can provide suggestions for all projects in your organization or specific ones. If you are using more than one Translation Memory, you can assign them to projects in the Project Preferences section, under Translation Tools

How does it work?

Translation Memory provides you with up to 3 suggestions based on past translations. Usually, all matching segments with >50% of content similarity are displayed.

You can use these suggestions by clicking on them in the Side Panel, or by using the keyboard shortcuts. 

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