What is LingoHub's Autofill feature?

Autofill is a great way to accelerate your translation process and to stay consistent in your style. This allows you to share texts across different languages and dialects. 

You can use the Autofill tool to fill up empty text segments with matching texts from your Translation Memory and/or Machine Translation

Accessing Project's Autofill Settings

Autofill Settings are easy to access. 

  1. Select the Project you want to activate the Autofill feature for
  2. Select the Project Preferences in the submenu
  3. Click on the Translation Tools link
  4. Activate Autofill from Translation Memory and/or Machine Translation and define preferences for each. 
  5. Changes are automatically saved

If activated, LingoHub will check empty text segments of the specified project and automatically copy the text from the selected Translation Memory (or Machine Translation).

Understanding preferences for Autofill with Translation Memory

After activating Autofill with Translation Memory, you will be able to define the match level which is needed between the Source Text & Translation Memory content, and the Status which is to be assigned to the autofilled target segment. 

Needed Match Level: 

  • 100%
  • >90%
  • >80%

Automatically assigned Status:

  • Matching Status - match status of the target Autofill translation to the source text
  • Translated - mark Autofill translation as Translated
  • Draft - mark Autofill translation as Draft

Understanding preferences for Autofill with Machine Translation

If you activate Machine Translation for the Autofill Feature, you will be able to choose the automatically assigned Status for all segments filled from the Machine Translation.

You can choose between: 

  • Draft
  • Translated


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