Once you’ve got some content in your resource files, you can download them from LingoHub or push them to your repository, ready to be rolled out into your software.

How to download your Resource Files

  • After logging into your LingoHub account, select the project you wish to upload resource files to, either from the organization dashboard or the project’s drop-down in the top navigation.
  • Go to the “Resource Files” page from the sub-menu
  • To download a single file, just click download
  • To download all files, just click “download all files”. This will generate a .zip file that will be sent directly to your email account 

Exporting directly to GitHub

If you’ve already integrated with GitHub, you will have the option to push all your resource files to your Git repository. 

Changing Export Settings

You can change what happens to the source or target languages when you download files. To learn how to change your export settings, please refer to the Accessing & Managing Export Settings help article


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