LingoHub is created by developers - for developers. With that in mind, we know how crucial a good, stable connection to a repository can be. 

That’s why connecting your LingoHub project to a Bitbucket repository can be done in a couple of simple steps. 

Accessing Repository Settings

1. Choose the project you want to connect to a repository

2. Go to “Repository” tab in the sub-menu

3. Select “Connect to Bitbucket” and follow the wizard

4. Once the connection is completed, an Initial Pull (if there are file matches) is triggered. You will be redirected to the Imports page with a clear Import confirmation. 

5. Your project is ready!

Changing Bitbucket Settings

1. Select a Project form your Project list and go to Repository tab in the sub-menu

2. The current Repository Settings will be displayed, including: 

  • Repository Name
  • Branch
  • Number of found Resource Files

Additionally, you will be able to see the Action center with the following options: 

  • Pull Files 
  • Create a PR (pull request) 
  • Delete Connection


  • Automatically pull updated files - this enables an automatic sync by marking the checkbox
  • Push files: push directly or Create a Pull request

Click Update Settings to automatically update Settings


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