We created our Subscription Plans with LingoHubbers in mind - projects and teams of all sizes can find the perfect choice.

Accessing Subscription Settings 

1. Access the Subscription Settings by selecting the Settings tab in the Navigation Bar. This will take you to Organization Settings

2. Proceed to the "Subscription" section in the menu on the left. 

3. The following information will be displayed: 

  • Subscription Plan which is currently active
  • Current bill
  • Next Payment due date
  • Number of used seats compared to the overall available
  • Number of Words used compared to the overall available
  • Number of used Text Segments


Use the switcher to toggle between the "Monthly" and "Yearly" subscription details.
Save money with our yearly subscription & keep on translating! <3

How to Choose & Select a Subscription Plan

The available Subscription Plans are displayed on this page. 

You can upgrade whenever you want by simply clicking "Upgrade" next to your preferred plan. 

In case you are interested in the Enterprise Plan, feel free to contact our Sales team and schedule a chat.


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