Creating your first LingoHub Project

If you want to set up your very first Project, our amazing wizard will offer that option right after creating your Organization. 

Click the green "Create Project" button to start.

You will then be asked to choose the upload preference for your project. You can choose between: 

1. Uploading Files

2. Connecting to a Repository


To start, you will need a localization resource file or a document in a supported format. If you can't find your preferred file format on our Supported list, feel free to contact our Support Team and they will do their best to help you out. 

Uploading Files

1. Choose a Project Name

2. Drop or select resource files into the dialogue box

3. Select the file format/extension


LingoHub automatically detects the used
framework/file format and language for most of your files.

4. Select the languages. 

4.1. Source language:

Be careful! 

It is impossible to change the source language after this point for the project. 

4.2. Target languages: 

These languages are the languages to which you want to translate your project. You can add several.
5. Confirm project creation by clicking "Create Project" button


Import already translated files as well to centralize text management in LingoHub.
You can add a description and an avatar later on in your project settings if you want.

Connecting to a Repository

If you want to connect your LingoHub project to your repository you’ll be redirected to the GitHub/Bitbucket log-in page.

The wizard guides you through a few simple steps of setting up your integration.

Creating a New Project

If you want to create a new Project for your Organization, your first stop is the Project Dashboard.

Go to bottom left corner and click on the green "Create new Project" button.

From there, you will be taken to your familiar setup. 


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