Term Bases are a part of LingoHub's Translation Tools.

How to Create a Term Base

To create a Term Base, firstly go to Organization Settings. You can access by clicking the Settings tab in the main Navigation Bar.
In the left submenu, click Term Bases section.
Choose Create Term Base button. Then you will be able to choose the following preferences for your Term Base: 

  • Name, 
  • Source language
  • Short description or the term collection

Lastly, click Save base profile.

Once you have created a Term Base Profile, you can also upload a CSV file with a simple drag’n’drop. These Entries will be automatically added. 

You can always go back to the Term Base Dashboard and manage your Term Bases by clicking the Manage button. 

How to Create a Term Base Entry

Once you have created your Term Base, you can add Entries within each Term Base. 

Each Entry includes the following information: 

  • The actual Term, 
  • Short description of the Term 
  • Short translation explanations 

Translatable or Untranslatable Terms

If a Term is marked as Translatable, you can add selected or agreed upon translations to target languages.
If the Term is marked as Untranslatable, it will not show up. 


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