You can set up LingoChecks for:

  • Complete projects
  • Individual Text Segments
  • Specific Terms

Setting up Project-Wide LingoChecks

If you have decided to enable LingoChecks for a whole project, you can do that quite easily. 

  • Select the Project you want to enable the LingoChecks for
  • Go to Project Preferences, LingoChecks submenu 
  • Choose which LingoChecks to enable. You can choose from the following options: 

Setting up LingoChecks for individual Text Segments

Once you’ve accessed the Editor by clicking the green Editor button in the Navigation Bar, you can enter a Text Segment by clicking the empty field or text in the right column. 

Here is how to define or edit LingoChecks for a specific segment

  • Click the Settings button at the top right of the Side Panel to enter the Settings Page of the selected Text Segment
  • You can now define LingoChecks for character length by entering the minimum and/or maximum number of characters allowed to use for the translation. This can be an offset or fixed limit
  • Click Save Changes to update any changes you’ve made. If you want to close the Side Panel now, just use the Panel switcher at the top right of the Editor.


Offsets are only applied to target languages,
fixed limits are applied to both the source and target language.


Min: -7, Max:28+: allows the translated segment to be 28 characters more than the source language text but not exceeding 7 characters fewer than the source language text. 

Note the “-” symbol for minimum and the “+” symbol for the maximum.

Min: 40, Max: 120: allows an absolute minimum of 40 characters and an absolute maximum of 120 characters for both the source and target languages.

  • You can also check in the same menu: 


If unchecked, the translators and reviewer won’t be able to change this translation. Furthermore, If unchecked, this text segment cannot be translated and won’t be included in resource files.


Find deactivated translations using the Deactivated filter option in the Editor.

Setting up LingoChecks for Terms

If you want to make sure that your Terms are used, you have to enable LingoChecks for Terms. LingoHub will then automatically control and enforce checks. 

To do so, please follow the next steps:

  1. Enter the LingoChecks submenu
  2. Activate LingoChecks for Terms by ticking the check-box. 

LingoHub will now automatically check if words or phrases from the selected Term Base are translated as it is defined in your Term Base.  


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