LingoHub's Editor provides you with a wide variety of Search and Filtering options.

Our goal is to provide the very best, easy to navigate overview of relevant Text Segments. Here's how you can get the most of our features.


Access the Filter feature at the top of the Editor to select your filtering criteria for Text Segments, or focus on the Status check-boxes to find corresponding Text Segments. 

Filter options: 

  • Label: Select the label(s) you want to filter and all matching Text Segments will be displayed
  • Resource File: If you are searching for Text Segments which belong to a certain resource file - this option is perfect for you. Click, select, and all corresponding Text Segments will be displayed. 
  • Deactivated: All segments which have been marked as "Deactivated" will be displayed if this filter is selected. 
  • Untranslatable: To show all texts which have been market as untranslatable, select this filter. 

"Sort by" option 

Text segments presented in the Editor can be sorted by the following criteria: 

  • Last modification date
  • ID
  • Title 
  • File Position


You can choose the Ascending/Descending preference for each Sorting criteria. 

Filtering by Status

You can easily filter your Text Segments based on their assigned Status.

For Source Text Segments you can choose the following Status Filter options:

  • Draft
  • Approved

For Target Text Segments you can choose the following Status Filter options:

  • Not Translated
  • Draft
  • Translated
  • Approved 
  • Failing LingoChecks

Choosing one or more Status Filter options will display all Text Segments with the matching Status.


You can access the shortcut to this Filtered view from your Project Dashboard.
The Project progress bar displays the according status colors and by clicking the one you are interested in, you will be directly taken to
the chosen filtered Text Segment view.

How to Search Text Segments

With LingoHub's Editor, you can search across all projects or specific projects you select. 

Before performing search, make sure you have selected the right project(s) in the Editor. You can verify this in the drop-down menu of the Project Dashboard. Select "All Projects" or a specific project.

Text Search

Make sure T icon is selected in the Search Bar to activate the search. 

Enter the text you are looking for in the bar. The search will go through the content of all phrases in your source and target language by default.  

You can refine your text search by using Filter features. 

  • Search within your source, target or both languages
  • Search for exact words and phrases (this is a case sensitive search!)


If you select "Exact Search", you can perform a Wildcard search.
Enter the asterisk " * " to represent a number of characters or empty space. 


Search by Text Segment Keys

Click the key icon next to the Search Bar to activate the search. 

Enter the word/phrase you want to find among Text Segment Keys.

Search by Translation ID(s):

Click the # icon next to the Search Bar to activate the search.

  • Insert a single Translation ID to filter all segments with the corresponding ID. Example: 1
  • To find multiple segments, insert various Translation IDs separated by a comma. Example: 1, 3, 5, 7
  • To find multiple segments within one scope, use the search term: 1..4. Text Segments with the Translation ID 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be displayed. 


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