Our Navigation Bar will be there with you every step of the way. 

Here’s what’s what:

  • Organization drop-down menu: here you can switch between projects within one organization or switch to another organization you belong to or create a new organization altogether
  • Dashboard: takes you straight to the main Dashboard where you get a full overview of all your Projects
  • Reports: In the reports section, you can see all Activity Reports or filter the reports based on your preferred criteria
  • Orders: Your current and previous orders displayed in one place
  • Members: Access to your whole team, where you can add or remove collaborators, edit their permissions and roles.

New Invitations: a tab indicating a new Invitation to join an Organization/Project will show up here as well. 

  • Settings: takes you to Organization Settings where you can change the setup, billing information, subscription, term bases or translation memories
  • Editor: this green button will take you straight to your LingoHub Editor
  • Invitations: new Invitations to join an Organization/Project will show up here. 
  • Conversation Center: track all your conversations and comments (present and past) with your collaborators.
  • Personal drop-down menu where you can choose between accessing: 

-Personal Settings (your avatar, name and preferred LingoHub app language), 

-Support (our friendly & experienced team is always here for you), 

-Documentation (Dev favorite), 

-Announcements (which takes you directly to our Changelog) or 

-Simply click Sign Out

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