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Editor search and filters
Editor search and filters
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To find the relevant information faster, we at Lingohub provided the searching and filtering options. Let's take a closer look at these tools.

Editor's filters

  1. Filtering by resource files location. Choose the project, branch, or container to view the related text segments.

  2. Create filtering rules. Click on the filter icon to create filters and manage your results. You can filter by projects and branch names, segments, and language data.

  3. Filter from the editor side panel. You can apply the fast filter by clicking on the heading in the appropriate column.

Editor search

To find the needed segments use the search field. Ket's take a look on it in details.

  1. Search field. Use the search syntax, to find the needed segments.

  2. Search language. Choose in which language segments will be found.

  3. Case sensitive. Click if you want to get the search result with the exact case.

Congratulations! You finished the article about search and filters in the editor. If there's anything we can help you with, please contact our support.

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