Accessing the Project Dashboard

When you first log into LingoHub you will be taken straight to the organization dashboard which lists all of the projects you either own or are involved with.

You can jump straight in and begin translating by hitting the
‘Editor‘ button in the top navigation.

Click on a project either from the organization dashboard or from the Projects drop-down in the top navigation to enter the project dashboard.

Here’s a list of what you’ll see from the dashboard:

  • Source language – The original language for the project.
  • Target languages – All the languages that you want to translate into are listed.
  • Translation statistics – Here you’ll see the details and figures for the progress of your source texts and translations. Your texts are categorized by statuses so you view your progress at a glance.
  • Activity – All the latest activity on the project is listed on the dashboard.
  • Failing LingoChecksLingoChecks are used to determine specific criteria (e.g. number of characters). Here you are notified if any segments do not meet this criteria.

More on Activity

This section of the dashboard will display all the recent changes that have been made to your project with the time, date and who made them.
You can view more information and navigate to the changes made by expanding the record with the extension button [+] and then clicking on the shortcut button. 

Full history

Clicking the ‘View all activities’ link will take you a page where you can view the whole history of changes for the project and filter the results based on date.

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