One of the key features of LingoHub is the organized workflow. To achieve the perfect flow, we have created statuses. Stay on top of your project and delegate changes to the right people.

This section covers the following:

  • Intro to statuses
  • Changing statuses
  • Filtering segments by status

Why Statuses?

Statuses make your life easier. You can use different statuses for your source and target language to manage the localization process:

Source Language

There are 2 different statuses available for your source language:

  • Draft
  • Approved

Renamed status
The former “reviewed” status has been renamed and is now known as “approved”.

Target Language

For your target language 4 different statuses are available:

  • Not translated
  • Draft
  • Translated
  • Approved

Not translated

The status “not translated” is used by LingoHub to mark empty translations when importing new texts. If your translator deletes a translation the text segment is automatically set “not translated”. During your translation process you can use the statuses “draft”, “translated” and “approved”. 

Changing a Segment Status

Enter the segment by clicking on the empty field or text in the target language column.

Change the status by either:

  • Clicking on the status icon circle next to the text segment:
  • Using a keyboard shortcut:
    Save as Draft: Ctrl + J
    Save as Translated: Ctrl + K
    Save as Approved: Ctrl + L
  • Mark all segments and change status for multiple segments at once: Click the  icon next to the status checkboxes to select all text segments displayed in the editor. Now the “Actions” button appears at the top right of the editor allowing you to change the status for all selected segments.
  • Select specific segments and change status for particular segments: Click the icon beneath the status icon circle of a text segment to select it. You can select various segments manually by ticking the checkbox. The “Actions” button will appear at the top right of the editor so you can change the status for the selected segments.

Keyboard Shortcuts
If you prefer to use the keyboard, we’ve made a whole list of all the available
keyboard shortcuts within LingoHub.

Filtering and viewing Segments by Status

You can choose to view only segments of a particular status in the editor.

Ticking one or more of the checkboxes next to your source and target languages you can display segments with a particular status in the editor. Next to the tick boxes the number of segments marked with a certain status is displayed, so you know immediately how many text segments are not translated, draft, translated and approved.

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