In this article, we will tell you how to create and delete your Translation Memories/Memory. 

1. Create Translation Memory/Memories

You can create multiple Translation Memories within your organization. Enter the “Translation Memories” settings from the top navigation bar to create a new Translation Memory. You can also view or edit all existing ones there.

The “Global Champion” subscription plan allows you to create up to 3 Translation Memories. If you want to use more than one TM please make sure to have or upgrade to the “Global Champion” subscription.

One of your Translation Memories always needs to be set “default“. If you create more than one TM you will be able to switch the “default” flag. If you’re using only one Translation Memory this is automatically set “default”. The “default” Translation Memory is automatically assigned to every new project you create. This means that your translators are provided with suggestions from the “default” TM when working on the project. If you want to select another Translation Memory for a project please view our guide on how to select a Translation Memory for your project.

HintIf your subscription contains Translation Memory a Translation Memory is automatically created in line with account creation. This Translation Memory is automatically set “default” and can be edited in the Translation Memory settings.

Translation Memory settings allow you to choose whether your TM shall learn from translations made in all projects or specific projects of your organization.
You are further able to include text segments with a particular status:

  • Draft – All segments of the selected project(s) assigned to the status draft are included.
  • Translated – The Translation Memory includes all text segments of the selected project(s) marked as translated.
  • Approved – All text segments marked as approved in your selected project(s) are included.
  • Use deactivated text segments – All text segments that are deactivated in your selected project(s) are included in the Translation Memory.

If you select “all projects” and “and include text segments with status translated and approved”, translations of all your projects with the status translated or approved will be used for suggestions by the TM.

2. Delete a Translation Memory

If you have created more than one TM in your organization you can delete them as well. Please note that you can’t delete your “default” Translation Memory. You can assign the “default” flag to another TM to delete a specific one. This means that one Translation Memory is always maintained for your organization.

A Translation Memory can’t be deleted as long as it’s assigned to a project. Please make sure that no project uses suggestions from the Translation Memory you want to delete.

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