In this article, we will tell you how to select Translation Memory and how to get the most out of Translation Memory suggestions. 

1. Select a Translation Memory for your Project

Enter the "Translation Tools" submenu in your project settings to select a Translation Memory for your project. On the very top of the settings page you'll find a drop-down menu to select one of your Translation Memories that shall provide suggestions for this project. 

As standard your "default" TM is assigned to your project. Please note that you'll be able to select a Translation Memory only if you create more than one TM. If you use only one TM in your organization this one is automatically assigned to every project you create and it won't be possible to select another one.

You can also decide whether suggestions by Translation Memory and Machine Translation shall be displayed or not for your project in the "Translation Tools" submenu.

Please keep in mind that Machine Translation is exclusively available in the "Global Champion" subscription. Having the "Going International" subscription you can create 1 Translation Memory while you can create up to 3 using the "Global Champion" subscription.

In the "Translation Tools" submenu you also find settings for autofill. Please have a look at our "autofill" documentation for more information about it.

If you have one Translation Memory this is automatically used in your projects. You don't need to apply further settings. If you are using multiple Translation Memories in your organization you can select one for each project. Select the Translation Memory you want to be used from the drop-down menu.

2. Suggestions from Translation Memory in the Editor

Suggestions from the Translation Memory are displayed in the side panel at very right of the editor. You can use a suggestion by clicking on it or using the following keyboard shorts:
Ctrl + 1 or
Ctrl + 2 or
Ctrl + 3

Click the icon to get ultimate context for Translation Memory suggestions. You are forwarded to the matching text segment where the suggestion originated from.

If there are multiple matching text segments the icon shows up next a Translation Memory suggestion. Clicking it all matching text segments are listed. Navigate there by clicking on a text segment. All similar text segments are listed so you can update all of them at once.

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