In this article, we will tell you more about Machine Translation (MT) and Translation Memory (TM).

Machine Translation (MT)

Machine Translation provides a suggestion based on computer algorithms. To use this suggestion, click on it or use a shortcut.

Translation Memory (TM)

The Translation Memory learns from every word you translate. Based on past translations all matching segments with >50% content similarity are displayed. The Translation Memory provides you with up to 3 suggestions. You can use these suggestions by clicking on one of them or using the keyboard shortcuts.

Generally a Translation Memory can learn from one or numerous project(s) in your organization. You can select the projects that fill your Translation Memory in the “Translation Memories” settings.

Further your Translation Memory/Memories can provide suggestions for all projects in your organization or specific ones. If you’re using more than one Translation Memory you can assign a TM to your project in the project settings.

Accessing Machine Translation and Translation Memory

When you edit a text segment you will see suggestions provided by Machine Translation and Translation Memory in the side panel.

More information on creating and deleting TM is available here, while additional information on suggestions and choosing is discussed in this article

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