Introduction to Term Bases

A Term Base is a centralized compilation of key terms, their translations and descriptions that is shared with your translation team. 

You can create unlimited Term Bases and terms in LingoHub regardless of your subscription. Term Bases are included in every subscription plan! Be aware that terms that you enter in your Term Base count to your organization’s word limit

Have a look at our documentation if you want to read more about word count calculation.

Accessing Term Bases

Term Bases are part of LingoHub’s Translation Tools. To access Term Bases click on the  symbol in the top navigation and click Translation Tools.

Create or delete a Term Base

All options are easily accessible in one place. Here's where to start:

Create a Term Base

1. Click “Create Term Base”.

2. Enter a name for your Term Base and select the source language. Once your Term Base is created you cannot edit the source language.

3. Import terms by uploading a CSV file or add terms to your Term Base. The format of the CSV file is described here.

4. Enter your Project Settings > Translation Tools in the according project and add your created Term Base.

Delete a Term Base

Click the  symbol next to your Term Base’s name to delete a Term Base. You’ll be asked if your are sure to delete the selected Term Base. Be aware that removing a Term Base is irreversible.

To make sure that you don’t lose any terms download your Term Base as CSV file before you delete it permanently. 

Create, edit or delete Terms

1. Access the Translation Tools page from the top navigation by clicking the  symbol.

2. Click “Edit terms“. You’ll be directed to the following screen where you can add or delete terms. You can also edit terms, translations and descriptions there. When you create a new Term Base and click “Add Term” you’ll see exactly the same screen.

LingoChecks for Terms

If you want to ensure that terms are used, you have to enable LingoChecks for terms. LingoHub then automatically controls and enforces term checks.

1. To do so enter the LingoChecks submenu in your Project Settings.

2. Activate LingoChecks for terms by ticking the checkbox “Check correct usage of terms“. LingoHub now automatically checks if words or phrases from the selected Term Base are translated as defined in your Term Base.

Term Bases within the Online Editor

Term Base entries show up in the editor as a suggestion so translators immediately see them while working on texts. Just click on the suggestion from your Term Base or on the highlighted term in the source text to insert it in translations. Mouse over the highlighted term in the source text to view the description for that term.

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