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Export entries from a term base
Export entries from a term base
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There are 3 options to export a term base - as simple CSV, advanced CSV or TBX file.

To export a term base follow the next steps

  1. Click “Workspace” on the left-side navigation panel.

  2. Click "Text management" and select “Term base.

  3. At the right-top corner click on the 3-dots icon and “Export.

  4. Choose the appropriate option - Download as simple CSV, as advanced CSV, or as TBX.

  5. If you want to get the link with the ready to download file check the appropriate box and click “Download”.

Export file formats

You have three options to export term base files:

  1. Download as Simple CSV

  2. Download as Advanced CSV

  3. Download as a TBX file

How do they differ?

Simple and Advanced CSV. An example - if you export your glossary as a simple CSV you will get the list of rows with a unique entryId. With Advanced CSV export you will get the list of rows where the entryId can duplicate (for example you have a translatable term, so the original term and its translation have the same entryID.)

TBX - the TermBase eXchange file format. TBX defines an XML format for the exchange of terminology data, and is an industry standard for terminology exchange.

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