What is it machine translation?
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Lingohub's machine translation feature provides translations from DeepL engine, and Amazon Translate/Google Translate engines as a fallback. All-together they cover more than one hundred languages.

Machine translation in editor views

The Lingohub users can find machine translation suggestions inside the Editor context panel for both Table and Focus views.

Focus view

With a focus view, you can select the segment, and translation memory will provide the translation for the target language. Add the translation to the row by clicking on the translated text in the editor context panel or using the shortcut Ctrl+1.

Find the entire list of shortcuts on the interface's bottom-left side, as shown in the image below.

You can change source and target languages by clicking the gear icon (1). Or the target will be automatically adjusted if you switch to another language by clicking the arrow near the language title (2).

Table view

You can easily switch between the languages in the table view by clicking on the appropriate cell. Lingohub automatically detects which language this cell relates to and adjusts the settings. You can manage the languages by yourself as well as inside the focus view.

Custom search

Use the Lingohub machine translation feature for custom translations.

Note: this action doesn't affect text segments by itself, but you can add the translation results to the segment by clicking on it or using shortcut Ctrl+1

The custom search will activate if you change the source language for translation or type any text in the machine translation field. To come back to the standard machine translation click on "Clear custom search."

Note: You can use MT with the Prefill feature to automatically fill empty text segments. Read our article about Prefill to learn how to start the process.

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