Add term base entries manually
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|| An existing term base is required to add term base entries manually. To learn how to create and manage a term base, check out this article. ${color}[#ff0000]([add link later])

## Add entries manually

To add an entry to your term base manually, follow the steps below:

1. Access the **term base overview**.

2. Click the action menu of the term base you want to add an entry to.

3. Click **Entries**.

⇨ You will be redirected to the **term overview** page.

4. Click **+ Add term**.

⇨ You will be redirected to the create new entry screen.

5. Enter the necessary information.

|| **Note**: For a detailed explanation on all settings per term, please visit this article on term base entry information. ${color}[#ff0000]([TB entry information])

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