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What are work reports?
What are work reports?
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Work reports are tools that display all changes within the projects. See who and what did and the summary per user for the selected period.

Note: You can always see your work reports, but you should have the appropriate permissions to see the reports of the other team members.

To access the work reports, click "Reports" at the left side panel and choose "Work reports."

On this page, you can find the following:

  1. Filtering options. You can choose the date range, user, languages, and projects.

  2. The summary per user.

  3. The work report items. Click on the item to get additional information about project and effort.

Let's look at two separate reports - Summary (1) and Work Logs(2), in more detail.

The Summary shows you the users' work overview for the selected period/language/project. You can see how many segments were translated and with which effort.

Work logs are created daily; you can view data up until yesterday. These were made to collect all the edits of one segment in one log entry (a common situation when the same segment changes multiple times per day).

  • Daily, work logs are generated per user/segment (source)/language (translation). That means if two users work on the same segment in the same language, it would be two work log entries.

  • Work logs creation also depends on the the source text changing. For instance, the source segment "This is a car" was changed to "This is a blue car" in the afternoon, and the translator translated it twice in the morning and evening. Thus, the Lingohub will create two work logs.

What is Edit Effort Score

One of the most important parts of the Work Logs is Edit Effort Score (EES). This index indicates the amount of editing made for a translation and is expressed as a numerical value between 0 and 100. The scores are categorized into four levels based on the amount of effort:

  • proofreading (no effort = no changes in the source text)

  • low effort (minor changes)

  • middle effort (average changes)

  • high effort (text was changed almost completely).

To set the thresholds for each category according to your preferences:

  1. Click the "Manage efforts" button.

  2. In the opened window set up the figures for each effort.

  3. Click "Save".

Note: the Edit Effort Score is connected to the cost reports calculation. After changing your Edit Effort Score, the following cost reports will be calculated based on these changes.

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