Context is everything.

Context images is a tool that helps you to provide an additional overview and deep understanding of the projects for translators. You can add a screenshot for each segment to display how the segment's text looks in the project.

With the context images, your translating team will have the entire project overview. They will see from the start where exactly (on which part of the page) the text segment is located.

How does this look?

  1. Inside the Editor, click on the right-side tools panel.

  2. Find the Context image tool and click on it.

  3. If you have the related context images, you will see them (number 1.)

  4. Open the image by clicking on it (number 2). You will see the complete image that is related to the segment and highlighted segment's text (number 3.)

Read how to add the context images to your project in this article.

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