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What is the editor context panel?
What is the editor context panel?
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The editor context panel includes tools that give translators more overview of the project and support in the translation process.

To access the context panel, move to the editor by clicking "Editor" on the left-side navigation panel. Expand the context panel by clicking on the icon in the top-right corner.

Let's overview the abilities editor context panel provides:

  1. General. Here you can see the segment's key, label, project, container, and data about the last update (who and when did it.)

  2. Quality checks. It will show the improvements provided by quality checks for the segment.

  3. Machine translation. Select the source and target language to get here the MT's suggestions.

  4. Translation memory. Select the source and target language to get here the TM's suggestions.

  5. Description. The information about the segment's description.

  6. Discussions. The information about discussions related to the segment.

  7. History. All edits history for the segment.

  8. Context images. The image(s) that were added to the segment.

  9. Multi editor. Translate a few languages simultaneously.

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