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Manage your new project
Manage your new project
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Once you have created the project - the system offers to add the team members and translation tools - style guide, term base, and translation memory. If this is your first project with Lingohub - you don't have prepared tools and can add them anytime later.

Add text to your project

To start the localization, you need to provide the text, and there are three ways how to do this:

These integrations allow you to synchronize your Lingohub resource files with your repositories and give you options to perform pull and push operations manually or automatically. After successfully connecting your project to the desired repository, your resource files will be imported to your project, and you will be redirected to the resources imports section of the dashboard.

  • Upload your files manually - choose the files on your desktop.

  • Enter text - you will start your translation process by editing your first texts in the editor.

  • Upload content by API calls.

Congratulations! Now you now how to add the resource files to your project. Please get in touch with our support if there's anything we can help you with.

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