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How to create a new project?
How to create a new project?
Updated over a week ago

To create your first Lingohub project, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the "Workspace."

  2. Click on the "Create project" button at the bottom.

3. Add the following project data:

  • Name: The project name is required and must be unique within your organization.

  • Platform: The platform you choose determines the type of resource files, or other integrations (GitHub, Gitlab, Figma, etc.) Lingohub supports more than 20 file formats and a list of integrations.

  • Source language: The base language of your content that will be translated.

  • Target language(s): The language(s) into which your source language content is to be translated to.

4. Click "Create project" once all the data is filled.

Once the project is created, the platform cannot be changed anymore. However, in the dashboard, you can manage languages anytime.

Congratulations! You successfully created your first project. To get the full Lingohub experience, we recommend uploading your own files or connecting Lingohub with a service.

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