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Communicate with your team in one interface without leaving the Lingohub. The discussion feature provides the ability directly discuss issues and working questions by following things:

  • Create separate discussions for different questions

  • Mention users and projects

  • Assign discussions to the organization members

  • Integrate email for notifications

  • Attach files

  • Close the discussion as soon as the question is resolved

To access the discussions:

  1. Click on the "Workspace" at the left-side panel.

  2. Choose "Discussions."

Once you open a discussion, you with see the discussion window.

  1. Type a message and add it to the conversation - many options are available to format the message how you like; use the style bar above. You can mention: team members with @, projects with #, and translations with #, followed by the translation ID. i.e: #1.

  2. Text formatting tools.

  3. Message field. Сlicking on the mentioned segment or project will open it in the new tab.

  4. Button to edit the title of the discussion.

  5. Click the three dots button to close the discussion.

  6. Assign/deassign users by clicking on the gear icon.

  7. Assign/deassign projects by clicking on the gear icon.

  8. Upload the images to the discussion.

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