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We at Lingohub always do our best to provide the perfect experience for our users. This article will help you navigate our help center and find the relevant information faster. Below are the categories and sections where you can find helpful information about how to work with Lingohub.

Table of content

It is a general category where you can find the primary information that will help you to familiarize yourself with Lingohub:

The user account is the place where you can manage your main settings. This category contains information about user notifications, account management, appearance, and account security. More detailed information you can find in the articles below:





An organization represents your company within Lingohub. The organization is a place where is stored all your projects, term bases, translation memories, style guides, contracts, transactions, and other related information. In the organization category, you can find relevant information on how to manage the organization settings. Find inside:



Billing & Payment settings



Everything associated with projects can be found in this category. Learn here all about project creation, backups, etc. Create as many projects as you need and manage them efficiently with the instructions and guidelines below:



Context images



The editor is where your Lingohub journey truly begins. It has been carefully designed to make translating and managing each detail of your localization project as effortless as possible. You and your team can edit, translate, and save text segments in the editor.

Lingohub provides a list of features that help translate content faster and qualitatively and submerge the translators in project requirements and linguistic and style rules. This category describes the CAT tools, which will raise the project localization process on the above level.


Term base

Translation memory

Style guides


Quality checks


Machine translation

Fallback languages

Welcome to Marketplace, where you can manage the financial and text edits activities, create contracts, transactions, and order translators. This category describes how to use the marketplace features in the best way. Read the articles below and use the 100% power of Lingohub.



Text edits

Translation orders

The terms category is where you can find information about Lingohub lingo. We described the common terms you can meet during the localization process with Lingohub. This category is constantly replenished to get our users a clear understanding and support.

Congratulations! You have familiarized the basic information about the Lingohub help center. We hope that it will help you find answers to all your questions. Otherwise, contact our support, and we will gladly help!!

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