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Lingohub self-hosted deployment
Lingohub self-hosted deployment
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Note: Lingohub provides the option to deploy the application on-premise for Enterprise-level customers only.

A self-hosted deployment is a perfect option for companies whose security policy prohibits storing data in the "cloud." We at Lingohub, offer such an option for our Enterprise clients. With the self-hosted Lingohub application, you will get all SaaS possibilities and:

  • One-time payment instead of subscription;

  • Ability to deploy in private perimeters;

  • More configuration options;

  • No third-party integrations;

  • Manage, and control every detail of your infrastructure.

With Lingohub, you can deploy the application inside your company environment. To discuss it in detail, please get in touch with your Lingohub Account Manager (in case you use Premium Plus support) or us via [email protected].

Note: The server environment's configuration is the customer's responsibility.

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