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What are hosted text segments?
What are hosted text segments?
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A hosted text segment is associated with a key group of text that you store on Lingohub. If you have one key translated into 5 languages, it will count as the 5 text segments.

Lingohub pricing plans provide different amounts of the hosted text segments, and this article aims to explain how they are calculated to help you decide how many your company needs.

Note: you can also buy an unlimited number of additional text segments. Find the actual pricing here.

How is the number of hosted text segments calculated?

Suppose you have a project with 100 text segments (keys in file format) in English, and you need to translate it into 3 different languages. This means that the final number of text segments will be:

100 (number of text segments at the source language) x 3 (number of target languages) = 300 (number of hosted segments in your project.) The table below will provide additional examples.

Number of text segments (keys) in source language

Number of target languages

Total number of hosted text segments

10 000


50 000



14 000

100 000


2 000 000

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