Groups are the feature that allows customers to manage the projects by combining them on the thematic or logic groups.

Lingohub doesn't restrict the customers by the number of projects, so groups are the best option to navigate between the project fast and conveniently.

The are two ways to create a new project group - directly from the project or via settings.

To create a group directly from the project, follow the next steps:

  1. Click on the three dots near the project name at the left-side navigation panel.

  2. Click on the "Move project."

  3. Choose "Create new group."

  4. At the opened window, enter the new group name, add a description (optional) and choose the project that will be added to this group.

  5. Click "Create group."

To create a group from the settings follow next steps:

  1. Click on the arrow near the Organization name.

  2. Choose "Organization setting" and click "Groups." You will be redirected to the "Groups" page.

  3. Click "Create new" at the top right corner, and in the opened window, enter the required information.

  4. Click "Create group."

Great! You finished the article about groups and how to create them. Read more information about how to assign projects to a group and how to delete group in the help center.

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