Lingohub overview
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Welcome to Lingohub!

Lingohub is a translation management platform that supports businesses with translating for any software, including websites, mobile software, games, desktop & online apps, help centers, and more.

Lingohub adheres to the 360-degree overview principle means, you can:

  • manage translation progress

  • manage localization teams

  • control the finances within the organization

  • collaborate with a team in a single interface

  • optimize the localization process with text management features

Read more in our Lingohub Help Center overview for the best navigation between all features and abilities.

To start working with Lingohub, you must sign up or log in to the existing account.

If you want to try all possibilities of Lingohub before buying - start the 14-day trial - no credit card is required. The trial period provides access to all features, and you can decide which plan fits your needs the best.

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