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How to set up the visual preferences?
How to set up the visual preferences?
Updated over a week ago

The interface's usability and convenience are essential to a good user experience. We at Lingohub offer UI preferences for our users to improve their Lingohub usage.

Besides changing the interface theme you can manage the editor preferences. To do this, follow next steps:

  1. Click on the "Workspace" at the left-side panel and go to the "Editor"

  2. Inside Editor, click on the gear icon at the top-right corner and choose "Editor appearance"

  3. Here you can see a list of the editor settings split into four categories: whitespaces, density, font size and table cells. Mix them based on your preferences and click "Save."

Let's take a look at the difference between the editor's views.

The default settings, Editor table view:

Compact view:

Comfortable view:

Try yourself and choose the best-fit view for your work

Awesome! You have finished the article about editor interface preferences. We hope that it helped you find answers to all your questions. Otherwise, contact our support, and we will gladly help!

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