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How to delete your Lingohub account?
How to delete your Lingohub account?
Updated over a week ago

We are sorry to see you go, but in case you decided to delete your Lingohub account - this article aimed to help you. Please note that deleting the organization will affect all the data, like created organizations and projects where you are the owner.

Please pay attention to what exactly you want to delete, and let us describe it all in detail, as this action is irreversible.

Inside Lingohub, you have a hierarchy of items that are closely related:

So your Lingohub account is the central part, and in case you delete projects or even organizations, you will still have your user account. Still, if you delete the account - you will lose all the related data (in case there are no other owners.)

Let's take a look at the schema below:

  • If User A deletes the account - Organization 1 and all the data inside Organization 1 will be deleted because User B is just a translator and doesn't have the owner rules. But, there will be no changes with Organization 2 as it still has an owner - User B.

  • In case User B deletes the account - only Organization 3 will be deleted.

  • If both users delete the accounts - all data is removed.

How to delete Lingohub account?

To delete the Lingohub user account, follow the next steps:

  1. Click on the user icon at the left-down corner and choose "Account."

  2. Scroll to the "Delete account" section and click "Delete account."

  3. To confirm the action, enter your password and click "Delete account."

Note: Deleting your user account results in deleting all your organizations and projects, if you are the only owner of the organization. Destroyed data cannot be restored.

Note: the support team can not delete your user account by request. We need to ensure the request comes from the account owner, so please delete the account using your password.

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