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How can I narrow down my search?
How can I narrow down my search?
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Read more about the search syntax.

Use the methods described in this article for exact match and case sensitiveness search. Such an approach will be helpful in case you have a long text segment that you remember only by some phrase. Let's take a look at how this can work.

Exact match and case sensitiveness

If you search segment by word without turning on "Exact match," it will find similar segments, too. For instance, if we are searching "preferences," it finds segments with both "preferences" and "Preferences."

With a turned-on "exact match" button, the search will provide for the query "preferences" only "preferences" like in the image below.

As well you can use the quotes "" for the exact match searching. For instance, searching for your "own preferences" will show the segments that contain the "own preferences" with the case sensitivities.

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