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What can I do if placeholders do not get detected?
What can I do if placeholders do not get detected?
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When creating a new project, the user always selects a platform type like "iOS Strings" or "Android XML." Lingohub uses the information about the chosen platform to understand the markup of placeholders for that particular platform.

The Lingohub has specific rules for placeholder detecting - it is helpful in the Editor when placeholders are highlighted or during quality checks working when the system can define and warn of the differences in the placeholder usage for source and target content.

But you cannot take advantage of these features if your placeholder syntax differs from the syntax Lingohub can detect for the particular platform. Why does that happen?

If your placeholders aren't detected, there could be a following reason. Some platforms have a well-defined placeholder syntax, while only best practices can be found for others. Also, some platforms aren't designed to know about placeholders at all. So, the placeholders that Lingohub can detect can differ from your project's placeholders.

If you have faced such a situation, please get in touch with our support, and we will do our best to help you.

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