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How to use Lingohub bulk actions?
How to use Lingohub bulk actions?
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Working with translations, you can use the bulk actions feature to execute the actions to the multiple text segments. Bulk actions currently are available in the Editor table view.

To apply the bulk actions, move to the table view in the Editor and choose the segments you want to work with. Here, you have two options:

  • All (matching) - only suitable to the current filters will be selected.

  • All (visible) - all segments on the page will be selected.

Also, you can click on the needed segments and choose them manually.

After choosing the segments, you will have the "Actions" button with four options:

Set status with bulk actions

With bulk actions, you can easily change the status of multiple segments at once. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the segments you want to edit status.

  2. Select the language of the segments you want to edit status.

  3. Select status from the list (New, Prefilled, Draft, Translated, Approved)

  4. Click the "Run" button.

Change labels with bulk actions

With bulk actions, you can edit the labels of multiple segments in a few clicks.

  1. Select the segments you want to edit labels.

  2. Select an action from the list (Set, Add, Remove.)

  • Set a label means the previous labels will be removed, and only new one(s) will be applied.

  • Add a label - means that the existing labels will be kept and the new one(s) added.

  • Remove a label - will remove the selected label(s) from selected segment(s)

4. Select the label from the list.

5. Click the "Run" button.

Deactivate segments and change translatable with bulk actions

You can deactivate and change translatable of the segment in the segment's settings tab or by using bulk actions.

  • Deactivate segments - segments will be deleted and moved to the bin.

  • Translatable is an option to manage the ability to update segments. If this point is disabled, the translators and reviewers won't be able to update the segment's translations.

Check the changes

To see the changes after implementing bulk actions, click the "See changes" button that appears on the right.

Awesome! You have finished the article about bulk actions. If there's anything we can help you with, please get in touch with our support.


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