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Lingohub keyboard shortcuts
Lingohub keyboard shortcuts
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The keyboard shortcuts can be utilized in the editor, allowing you to optimize your time when working on your translations. Keyboard shortcuts come in handy when you have to perform repetitive operations such as changing the status of text segments (i.e., when performing a review) or applying suggestions from the translation memory or the machine translation.

Accessing the keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts can be accessed from the "Shortcuts" in the left-side panel.

The keyboard shortcuts are classified into five categories :

  • General: Shortcuts that can be applied from anywhere in the app

  • Editor General: Shortcuts that are common to the focus and table view

  • Editor Focus: Shortcuts specific to the Editor Focus view: i.e. cell navigation

  • Editor Table: Shortcuts specific to the Editor Table view: i.e., cell navigation/column toggling or column quick filter

  • Editor Edit mode: Shortcuts specific to the update of the content: applying TM/MT suggestions, changing status, etc.

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